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In Finnish mythology, the Sampo was a magical artifact of indeterminate type constructed by Ilmarinen that brought riches and good fortune to its holder. Today Sampo helps you to conquer the UK. Contact us today!

Your UK Market Entry Made Easy

Our senior consultants are helping companies wishing to enter UK market and British Governments Department for International Trade’s (DIT) Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP). Our approach is more than ordinary as we seek to match your business with other businesses in order to make 1+1 to 3.

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Brexit is a big possibility to exporters, an opportunity which should be used actively. With our partners, you will acquire the best contacts rapidly, saving costs and accelerate your UK market entry.

Our fields of expertise are media & communications, edtech, wood and metal technology, telecommunications, finance & fintech and IPR/ franchise agreements. Our highly experienced senior consultants are all familiar with Finnish and British business practices and are very well connected in their relevant areas of expertise.

We cooperate with local partners on PR, legal issues and company administration & registration.

Department for International Trade

We help your company with

Bench marking, Brexit inquiries, Business Finland,

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Different ways we can work for you

Direct Consulting

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We assist our clients in the development of their business plan and offer a detailed picture on the structure of the target market.

Research is taken from the perspective of a country, sector and product, analyzing the different variables that provide accurate information on the opportunities and sales potential, going through aspects like competition, legislation, positioning strategies, estimation of market potential and potential distribution channels.

Advisory presentations to Government officials and elected members of local and national councils and the parliament Business basics - accounting, address, bank account, secretary + Company registration and filing Business, marketing & sales plans Financial partner research, grant application writing and filing Market research & entries Partner searches,  communication and first meetings.
Remote sales and marketing office

Bus Stop

We are approved Business Finland (formerly FinPro) Expert consultant and service provider.

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With the Business Finland Tempo grant you may get maximum funding of €50.000 or 75 % of the total budget for testing your concept and validating your idea.

The Explorer funding service is designed for SMEs and mid-cap companies that are seeking new international markets for their products, services, or business models.The maximum amount of Business Finland Explorer funding is €10.000, covering 50% of the total costs of the expert services.

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Finnish Export Promoters (FEP) members

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We help members of the FEP by providing selected members UK market entry services.
When doing FEP work, our consultants work mainly upon success fee basis, i.e. they charge an agreed percentage of the results through the agreed period of time. This service is available only for selected FEP members who fulfill following criteria:

Financial stability
Ability fulfill orders
Market Research

If any of these criteria are not yet met, we offer our regular services to these clients at discounted prices and help you to make your market entry successful.

To join FEP, please contact us for more information.


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